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“It has been said that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Well I beg to differ as it relates to the beautiful ring we purchased

through Team National. The quality, specs and sparkle of the ring are truly amazing! Susan was pleasant, personable, professional,

patient, and she was just as excited and dedicated to the process to ensure I found the ring I was seeking. Our savings was close

to $7,000 by purchasing with Team National!” - Kimberly

“Just got off the phone with Patty at MetLife. We will be saving $312 a year on our auto insurance! We’re also saving on our

Homeowners Insurance through MetLife as well. The best part...the call was pleasant! Patty and I talked about all kind of things and

she even asked me to send her pictures of mine and my husband’s motorcycles. Where else can you get that kind of treatment? I

love this company! Thanks Patty!” - Christin

“I recently needed a new stove and went to Sears Commercial for their help. Compared to a local retailer which I had visited, Sears

was saving me over $225.00. They not only delivered the stove to my home after purchase but took out all the extra trash out that

was involved as well! I am very pleased with their service. Thank you Team National!” - Pam